Auto Insurance

Insurance to keep you on the road

Driving is big part of prairie life. Whether you rely on your vehicle for transportation, or if it is your pride and joy that is only driven on sunny days, it is important to make sure that you have the right insurance to make sure you are fully covered on and off the road.

Auto Insurance

Coverage for your vehicle

When choosing your auto insurance, there are three types of coverage:

Collision or upset – covers your vehicle in the event of a collision, rollover, or upset
Comprehensive – covers your vehicle from non-collision related risks like theft, fire, wind, hail, and lightning
All perils – covers your vehicle for both collisions or upsets, and comprehensive

Auto policies include coverage for :

Liability Family Security Non-Owned Automobiles Unregistered Vehicles & Trailers
rayner agencies_auto insurance_liability
Financial protection if you are at fault for a motor vehicle accident that is the cause of injury or death to another person, or results in damage to property. You can choose between $1 million to $5 million of coverage when building your policy.
rayner agencies_auto insurance_family net
If you or a family member are in a motor vehicle accident, this coverage will pay for the cost of the claim above the responsible driver’s liability coverage. This coverage matches your liability amount up to $2 million.
rayner agencies auto insurance_not owned
Your coverage extends to rented and borrowed vehicles driven by you, your spouse, or anyone listed on your policy.
rayner agencies_auto insurace_unregistered
If you’re canceling your registration and storing your vehicle or trailer, your policy will cover damages or losses that are not the result of operational use.

Coverage add-ons:

Loss of Use Replacement or Repairs Road Hazard Glass Recreational Vehicles & Trailers Seasonal & Specialty
rayner agencies_auto loss of use
Coverage that will pay for a rental vehicle, public transport, or taxi fare if your vehicle is stolen or damaged and covered under your policy. Up to $2,000 in coverage is available.
RA - Mechanic
Applicable only to brand new vehicles, and must be added to your policy within 120 days of the date you took delivery of the vehicle.
This coverage will either replace your vehicle or will pay you the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) plus taxes and adjusted for inflation if your vehicle is a total loss within the first 3 years of ownership. If an incident happens in the 4th or 5th year of ownership that results in the covered vehicle being a total loss, you will be paid the MSRP of the vehicle plus taxes.
This coverage is available for all losses covered under your policy for the first 2 years. Replacement or repair coverage does not apply to losses caused by water, fire, theft, vandalism or malicious mischief in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th year of coverage.
If your vehicle can be repaired, only new parts will be used. 2nd hand and salvaged parts will not be used when you have this coverage.
rayner agencies_road hazard glass
This covers you for damage to your glass from objects thrown up from the road or that have fallen off another vehicle while driving.
If your vehicle’s glass has damage prior to applying for this coverage, it must be fixed or replaced before this coverage can be applied.
RA - Boat-Quad-DB
Coverage is available for motorcycles, snowmobiles, boats and other off-road vehicles.
Coverage is available to protect your trailer when in storage.
Your trailer is automatically covered when being towed by a vehicle that is under your policy.
Disclaimer: This coverage cannot be added to your policy online. Give us a call or use the chat box, so one of our brokers can assist you.
rayner agencies_auto_speciality
Coverage is available for antique, classic, and specialty vehicles including three-wheel vehicles.
Disclaimer: This coverage cannot be added to your policy online. Give us a call or use the chat box, so one of our brokers can assist you.


When you purchase auto insurance, you get some flexibility that isn’t offered with the insurance that comes with your registration and plates. With an auto policy, you can choose:
To have a lower deductible in the event of a claim by paying a higher premium
To lower your premium payments by taking on a higher deductible

Your policy waives your deductible if:

Your vehicle has comprehensive coverage, and the entire vehicle incurs damages from theft, fire, and lightning
Your vehicle is in a collision with wildlife

You may qualify for a discount:

if you have more than one vehicle

Our Insurance Partners

A portion of all policies sold are donated to Make-A-Wish Saskatchewan.

Make-A-Wish® Canada has granted the wishes of over 35,000 children with critical illnesses in Canada since 1983.

“Together, we create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses.”


Yes! The basic auto insurance that comes with your plates only gives you $200,000 of liability insurance and carries a $700 deductible if you are at fault for a claim. Depending on injuries, property damage, and other losses that are a result of the accident, the costs can quickly climb up to and over $1,000,000. With an auto insurance policy, you can get up to $5,000,000 in liability coverage, lower your deductible, and get other coverage benefits to help save you money in the event of an accident.
For wildlife collisions, auto insurance policies offer at last $30 per day to cover a rental vehicle. You will have to pay for any rental costs over what your policy covers.
Yes! Unlike your basic plate insurance which just covers you when you are driving your vehicle, your auto insurance policy will cover your vehicles that are on the policy as well as any non-owned vehicles while you are driving them.

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